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Coolants & Coolant Recycling

Central Coolant/Oil Filtration System

- Models: 7
- Flow rate: 50 - 1,440 gallons per minute
- Features: Fully automatic, simultaneously removes tramp oil, solids, down to 5 microns while producing a dry, landfillable cake.

Portable Filter Cart

- Models: 4
- Flow rate: 6 or 12 gallons per minute
- Features: Can be used while machine tools are running, or can be used as a transfer pump. Absolute micron filtration renders machining coolants "like new" in less than an hour.

Tramp Oil Removal Systems

- Models: 4
- Flow rate: 4 - 12 gallons per minute
- Features: Removes tramp oil from reservoir while machine tool is running. Retains way and hydraulic oils internally while returning clean coolant to reservoirs. Bleed valve allows for easy removal of de-watered oil for disposal.

Oil Skimmers

Models: 6
Type: Belt and wheel
Features: Various width and depth belt skimmers available. Disc skimmers available with from one to six wheels.

Non-Chemical Bacterial Control

- Models: 6
- Capacity: 1,000 - 5,000 gallons simultaneously
- Features: Prevents coolant rancidity without harsh chemicals and zero operator attendance. Listed as Best Available Technology by EPA.
More information available here.

Portable Deionizers

- Models: 4
- Flow rate: 3 - 24 gallons per minute
- Features: Removes dissolved salts from coolant makeup water, resulting in stable water/oil emulsions. Also aids in bacterial control.

Deep Bed Filtration System

- Models: 14
- Flow rate: 5 - 450 gallons per minute
- Features: Removes grit and grinding swarf from grinding or heavy machining applications. One system can be used for 1 - 4 machines.

Roltray Filter

- Models: 6
- Flow rate: 5 - 40 gallons per minute
- Features: Low-cost, effective way to remove grinding grit or heavy contaminants from water-soluble coolants.

Pressure Vessels

- Models: 12
- Flow rate: 5 - 500 gallons per minute
- Features: Low-cost, effective means of controlling heavy particulates and/or grinding swarf at the individual machining center or grinders. Uses long-lasting, inexpensive bag filters.

Magnetic Filtration System

- Models: 16
- Flow rate: 10 - 300 gallons per minute
- Features: Ferromagnetic particles are captured by magnets and aligned along its surfaces. This forms an efficient, no-cost filter medium. Will also remove most non-magnetic particles, abrasive grit, and foreign matter.

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