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All of our metalworking fluids are specifically formulated for recycling.


Dyna Cool T-51
General description: Dyna Cool T-51 is a low oil biogenic synthetic machining and grinding fluid that is formulated to provide maximum sump life as well as maximum tool life. Dyna Cool T-51 has excellent corrosion protection and is formulated to be safe on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to the low foaming characteristics of Dyna Cool T-51, it is the ideal choice for both central systems and individual sumps.
     - Excellent sump life
     - Low foaming
     - Stable in hard water
     - Excellent tool life
     - Excellent corrosion protection
     - Economical to use
     Color: Blue
     pH at 3% concentration: 9.0
     Refractometer at 5% concentration: 3.0


Dyna Cool T-201
General description: Dyna Cool T-201 is a new generation of biogenic chlorinated semi-synthetic cutting fluids designed for use on aluminum as well as cast iron and steel. Dyna Cool T-201 provides excellent lubricity for use on aluminum while resisting rancidity. Dyna Cool T-201 mixes easily to form a transparent solution. It is stable in hard water, is non-nitrited, and presents no abnormal disposal problems. Dyna Cool T-201 is recyclable.
     - Excellent on aluminum
     - Clean running
     - Exceptional sump life
     - Stable in hard water
     Color: Amber liquid
     Rust Control: C.I.C.T. no rust 30:1
     Hard Water Stability: 40 grain
     pH: 9.3 typical
     Refractometer at 5% concentration: 3.0

Soluble Oil

Dyna Cool SF-103
General description: Dyna Cool SF-103 is a biogenic heavy duty soluble oil designed for severe machining of ferrous metals and aluminum, or where high surface finishers are required. Dyna Cool SF-103 mixes easily with water to form a stable emulsion even in hard water situations. It is low foaming, non-nitrited, and non-phenolic. Dyna Cool SF-103 provides excellent rust protection.
     - Heavy duty
     - Biogenic for long sump life
     - Stable in hard water
     - Excellent rust protection
     Color: Blue
     Hard Water Stability: 25 grain
     pH: 9.1 typical
     Specific Gravity: 88 typical
     Refractometer at 5% concentration: 5

Dyna Cool SF-104
General description: Dyna Cool SF-104 is a non-chlorinated high performance biogenic soluble oil. Dyna Cool SF-104 is formulated with bioresistant additives to provide extended sump life while providing corrosion protection and exceptional machinability on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The biogenic properties of Dyna Cool SF-104 makes it the ideal choice for central systems as well as individual sumps.
     - Extended sump life
     - Excellent corrosion protection
     - All metal safe
     - Stable in hard water
     - Chlorine free
     Color: Dark Blue liquid; blue-green emulsion
     pH: 9.2 typical
     Solubility: Hard water stable

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