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Industrial Oil Recycling

Central Coolant/Oil Filtration System

- Models: 7
- Flow rate: 50 - 1,440 gallons per minute
- Features: Fully automatic, removes grinding grit and metal fines down to 5 microns while simultaneously producing a dry cake from swarf.

Portable Filter Cart

- Models: 4
- Flow rate: 6 or 12 gallons per minute
- Features: Can be used while equipment is running, or as a transfer pump. Spin-on canister filters allow for a wide range of specific micron filtration and water removal. For use on any industrial oil, including hydraulic, gear, compressor, heat transfer, ethylene glycols, and many more.

Portable Hand-Held Oil Testers

- Models: 2
- Features: Quickly and accurately analyzes any oil's condition, whether petroleum-based or synthetic. Alerts operator to particle contamination, water contamination, metals contamination, and any loss of additives package, all in a matter of seconds.

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