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New Technology Ends Coolant Rancidity Without Chemicals
     Fluid Solutions, Inc. is now offering a free trial on state of the art technology designed to solve one of the most common problems in the machining industry: rancid coolant.
     This new approach to coolant management is to go directly after the cause of the problem: bacteria.
     Fluid Solutionsí new "Coolant Manager" uses ozone to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals. Ozone is a colorless gas which has been used for many years in water and wastewater treatment and is now being made available to the cutting fluid industry.      Ozone is actually oxygen with an extra atom. Known as O3, it is 3000 times faster and more powerful than chemical biocides such as chlorine or bromine. It leaves no chemical residual behind, so, unlike harsh chemicals, it will not irritate an operatorís skin. It is listed as BAT (best available technology) by EPA.
     The ozone is produced by a small ozone generator the size of a small briefcase and is plugged into a 110V electrical outlet. A self-contained air compressor pushes air over an ultraviolet lamp. The air is then converted to ozone, or O3. The ozone travels through a small plastic tube, to an airstone, which is dropped into the coolant tank. The ozone disperses through the coolant, oxidizing mold, bacteria, and viruses. The ozone is used up at the point of contact, and returns to its original form: oxygen.
     The result of this process is an oxygen-rich environment fatal to odor-causing bacteria, which causes no damage to the coolant itself. In fact, as ozone eliminates the "bugs," the overall health of the coolant improves. The oxygen level increases, the pH is stabilized, and filtration improves due to micro-flocculation.
     The Coolant Manager can automatically control up to 1000 gallons in a single system or up to four 250 gallon sumps.
     A timer can be used to provide up to 12 hours of ozonation per day, 7 days per week. For more information, or to arrange a 30-day free trial, call Fluid Solutions, Inc., at (763) 533-2943.

The Coolant Manager

FSI Offers Full Line of Coolants
New Coolants Designed For Recycling and Maximum Sump Life
     Whether you prefer synthetic, semi-synthetic, or soluble oil, we can offer a specific solution for your machining or grinding needs. All of our coolants are biogenic for long sump life; they are also stable in hard water and offer excellent rust protection. These formulations are also low-foaming, excellent for tool life, and economical to use. Call us to arrange a free consultation or a free sample at (763) 533-2943.

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