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IRO Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

An industrial-strength reverse osmosis system.

- Pump pressure gauge stainless steel liquid filled for accuracy.
- Pump mounted on skid to save floor space.
- Meets UL standards.
- Special trimline design is built to deliver long-term, trouble-free service.
- Filter housing for particulate filtration.
- Flow meters measure product water and reject water.
- Skid mounted on wheels for easy maneuvering and maintainance.
- Thin film composite membrane 4" x 40" provides superior salt rejection and flow.
- Deluxe control panel includes temperature-compensated digital conductivity monitor, hour meter, tank level controller, alarm with silencer designed for three-phase 208/220/460 volts with transformer. Disconnect, motor protection, and motor starter.
- Standard control panel provides same features as Deluxe less three-phase motor starter protection. Operates on 208/230 single-phase that can be plugged into standard 208/230 wall receptacle.

CRO Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

A commercial-grade reverse osmosis system.

- Gauge measures pump pressure.
- Roto Meter measures flow of product water in GPM.
- Flush/In Service valve.
- Pressure Gauge.
- Prefilter housing for particulate removal.
- Textured PVC Cabinet for quiet operation. No rust, no dents.
- Repressurization package complete system consists of a pump, diaphragm tank, and electronic control system -- all in a single unit.
- Hour meter keeps track of hours of operation.
- RO On/Off switch.
- Conductivity meter temperature compensated with digital read-out.
- Good/poor quality light.
- Push button alarm reset.
- Tank level plug in for optional holding tank.
- Wheels for easy maneuvering.
- Thin film composite membrane, 4" x 25", provides superior salt rejection and flow.
- Optional anti-scalant liquid reduces scale build-up and extends the life of the membrane.
- Carbon tank for chlorine removal.
- Optional anti-scalant pump system eliminates the need for a softener. Pre-set to your specifications.
- Quiet, stainless steel/plastic inline pressure pump. Meets UL standards. Special trimline design is built to deliver long-term, trouble-free service.

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