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Wastewater Treatment

Water Blaze
High-Efficiency Evaporators

- Models: 4
- Fuel Options: Natural gas or LP
- Flow Rate: 1-120 gallons per hour
- Options: AL-6XN stainless steel
- Features: Patented submerged combustion for up to 100% heat transfer for high-efficiency evaporation

Hot Box
Industrial Evaporators

- Models: 4
- Feature: Unique combustion chamber for energy savings of up to 25%
- Fuel Options: Natural gas, LP, electricity
- Evaporation: 1-30 gallons per hour
- Tank: 55 to 100 gallons; carbon steel
- Options: Continuous flow; motorized belt skimmer; anti-foam injection; tank upgrades available

Clay Base Wastewater Treatment Systems

- Models: 6
- Flow rate: 200-1,080 gallons per day
- Batch size: 100-360 gallons
- Reaction Tank: 125-400 gallons
- Clay: Three standard blends offered in fifty-pound water-resistant bags; customized blends available

Bioremediation System
- Models: 3
- Typical Application: Treating wash water for golf course and turf industry
- Flow rate: 1,000 - 2,000 gallons per day
- Features: Low cost, low maintenance, easy to install and operate. Wash water recycle system available.
- Microbe Solution: BioStax comes in 5-gallon buckets, typically a one-month supply

Wash Water Recycling System

- Models: 5
- Features: Above-ground oil-water-solids separation; add-on Filter Pack options (3 models) for recycling
- Flow Rate: 1-30 gallons per minute
- Tank Capacity: 600 gallons

SX-1 Ozone System
Cyanide Destruction System

- Type Of Waste Streams: Spent electroplating rinse waters
- Treatment Goals: Destruction of cyanide waste
- Treatment Type: Ozone oxidation
- Quality Of Treated Water: Cyanide levels reduced to less than 1 mg/L
- Type Of Treatment Process: Batch process

Cyanide Destruction Project Info

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